A Support Group in Southeast Wisconsin for those who grieve the death of a loved one by suicide

Who We Are

Kurt and Connie Ebert started Wings of Hope in 2011, three years after their youngest son took his own life at the age of 16. Since that time they desire to share compassion with others who have suffered the same grief. They are convinced that having a group of sympathetic people who have endured similar sorrows is especially important for emotional healing. Sharing their lessons about grieving with others is among their great joys.

Kurt Ebert

Rev. Kurt Ebert is the pastor at Christ Alone Lutheran Church (previously known as Calvary) in Mequon, WI, and the husband of Connie. He has served in four congregations and has been at Christ Alone since 2010. His passions include his ministry, his wife, his three adult children and their families, the outdoors, and woodworking.

Connie Ebert

Connie Ebert has been Kurt's partner in life, ministry, sorrow, and comfort since 1985. She grew up in a pastor's family and so knows a thing or two about church life. Besides her passion for her children, she teaches children part-time, and also leads a women's Bible study. She has spoken at several women's conferences on the issue of suicide and grief recovery.